2nd Interbiennial University join symposium (IUJS)

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It is a great pleasure to welcome you again to the 2nd Interbiennial University join symposium (IUJS),  IUJS is an innovative international join symposium in collaboration between department of cardiovascular medicine university of Padjajaran and department of cardiology Radboud University, Neijmegen, Netherland.

It has been started for the first time in February 2015 and was placed in Eijkman Building, Bandung city, west java. The scientific meeting will feature both a wide range of basic science and clinical sessions in cardiovascular field, including lectures and also an interacvite session from the renowned experts and internationally invited speakers. We would like to provide opportunities for a number of professional healthcare especially who are interested in cardiovascular medicine to update the latest issues related to the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases and other heart related problems. We believe that your participation will greatly contribute to the success of the meeting and provide an opportunity to openly discuss the latest advance knowledges in cardiovascular problems. In addition to high quality science, the organisers wish to provide a friendly atmosphere aboard ship and in addition, various relaxing and cultural information will be available.

We invite you to join us at this meeting, to renew old friendships, and to make new ones. Updated information and the application form for the next event will be available on the homepage of IUJS.

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